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Re: [Xen-devel] Daily Xen Builds

Nicholas Lee wrote:

On 10/11/05, Anthony Liguori <aliguori@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Is it perhaps wise, nearing 3.0, that we adopt a policy of running the
various test suites on code before it gets pushed to the public tree?
Ian's obviously the best person to answer this but I'll give it a go.

Can we expect there to be a some sort of freeze on 3.0 soon?
We are sort of already in a testing freeze. There's a lot of activity in the tree because some broken things are being reworked. 2.0 => 3.0 was a pretty significant change in many parts of Xen.

A lot changes being made now have associated bugzilla reports. This will likely become the more common case as we move forward.

As a user its hard to tell at the moment if new features are still
being developed and added to 3.0 or we are chasing bugs.
Yeah, there's a lot of churn in the tree.  Most of it is chasing bugs.

The idea that a freeze and focus for release is occurring soon, would
make the time I'm spending testing Xen 3.0 on a machine I want to put
into production at some point is worth while.

I'm working under the assumption that 3.0 has been projected to be
release soon so its on a spiral to being stable. Otherwise, maybe I'll
just go back 2.0 and wait 6 months.
This is Open Source. Soon is when-it's-ready. 6 months is probably a safe bet. I would hold your breath to see a release in the next 1-2 months though.


Anthony Liguori

Nicholas Lee
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