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Re: [Xen-devel] More on domU not starting

Ryan Grimm wrote:

I had a similar problem and was able to rectify it by including the following line:

disk = [ 'phy:/dev/sda3,hda1,w' ]

which, as stated in the user doc in section 5.1, will export /dev/sda3 (the partition where my image is) to the domU as hda1.

then, my disk config is:

disk = [ 'file:/path/to/image,hda1,w' ]

also, the user doc's example in section 5.1 says that disk = [ 'phy:sda3,hda1,w' ] would work but it did not unless i put /dev/ in front of sda3, like above.

I don't understand that. If you have two "disk = " lines, won't the second simply supercede the first? I tried exporting the partition containing the image like this:
  disk = [ 'phy:/dev/hda6,hda6,w',
...but no luck there.


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