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[Xen-devel] Re: specifying evtchn ports?

On 12 Oct 2005, at 01:04, King, Steven R wrote:

Is the intent that userland cannot specify an event channel port number?
If so, is xen-store the proper way to communicate a port value between
domains?  The latest event channel code appears to always allocate a
free port on behalf of the caller for both sides of an interdomain
channel.  Older versions allowed the unbound end to specify a port

Correct, alloc_unbound() and bind_interdomain() both now allocate one port on behalf of the caller. The caller cannot specify which port that is.

Regarding port types:

Xen uniformly uses "int" for ports and computes port numbers < 0 as
invalid.  This is all great.  Userland code could be more consistent by
also using "int" throughout.  Using u32 throughout usermode creates
problems for functions with overloaded +port/-error return values.  Any
interest here?

I guess. There isn't much userland code to modify now. There isn;t much evtchn code left in libxenctrl.

 -- Keir

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