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Re: [Xen-devel] domU - no networking

Keir Fraser schrieb:
> On 16 Oct 2005, at 15:27, stoeni wrote:
>> how can we track down the problem now, was it "silent" fixed by the new
>> version or did i something wrong at compiling?
> Maybe you had a slightly inconsistent kernel image hanging around. If
> the bug is still around it will show up again and we'll go after it
> then. For now, let's be glad it's gone! :-)

i did some compile stuff again and again on the source from last night.
i'm not really sure but it looks like disabling smp does it. maybe some
other option for the kernels (networking stuff). maybe its the hardware,
brandnew intel board with xeons on fsb800 ... (intel premium partner)

crazy little thing called xen 3.0 ... ;-)

i'll try some compile options the next days (if i get some time to spend
on it) and report the results here.

many thanks for your help!


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