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Re: [Xen-devel] PAE on xen-2.0 testing?

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 20:26 +0200, stoeni wrote:
> Mark Williamson schrieb:
> > I'm afraid if you want PAE you'll want unstable/3.0 - it'll probably never 
> > be 
> > backported to 2.0.  Xen-unstable is relatively stable now though, so you 
> > might want to try it out for evaluation purposes since it will become 3.0 
> > eventually.
> ok, good to know. the 3.0 thing doesn't really work, after mailing
> hundreds :) of mails with keir yesterday the source from today broke the
> system again. gdth causes a panic .. if it compiles some vif are coming
> up, some not. same show as on saturday/sunday :(
> i'll wait the next days for an upcoming source that will work on this
> maschine ;-)
How long ago did you start seeing these issues and on what hardware.
With two or three nics I see this on an SMP Athlon and a UP P4.
By this I mean vif not mapping to a bridge or mapping ro the wrong

 If I go back to a single nic setup using a secondary ip on the dom0 for
the domU gateway things are playing nice.

 With two and three nics and bridge between dom0's I just increased the
rate at which of my hair follicle count declines :-)


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