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Re: [Xen-devel] PAE on xen-2.0 testing?

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  • From: stoeni <xen@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 22:56:30 +0200
  • Delivery-date: Mon, 17 Oct 2005 20:53:36 +0000
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Ted Kaczmarek schrieb:
 > How long ago did you start seeing these issues and on what hardware.

box is: 2*2.8xeon (fsb 800) with intel chipset 7230, 6x1gb ram, single
e100 and dual e1000 (only the first e1000 active) and 150gb raid5 on
icp/gdth with debian 3.1 (sarge) as base system.

first try with xen 3.0 because auf 6gb ram. xen 2.0.7 sees only 3g ram
in this machine, don't know why, other boxes (ten at production) using
full 4gb ram on xen 2.0.7.

> With two or three nics I see this on an SMP Athlon and a UP P4.
> By this I mean vif not mapping to a bridge or mapping ro the wrong
> bridge.

same behavior with the sources from today. vif assigned to first domU,
second domU crashes, third domU got a vif but doesnt work. very strange.

actual i did a make uninstall an used release  "Sun Oct 16 17:25:15 2005
+0100 7396:9b51e7637676", starting three domains gives the following

one network vif3.1 (why 3.1 and not 2.1?)

domU 1 up, no networking
domU 2 up, no networking
domU 3 did not start

also nice, all domains configured with 1024 mb ram, but look here:

Name              ID  Mem(MiB)  CPU  VCPUs  State   Time(s)
Domain-0           0       123    -      4  r-----     19.7
vm-tempo           1      1023    0      1  -b----     12.5
vm-tempo1          2      1024    0      1  -b----      0.6

why 1023 and 1024? ;-)

very strange. yesterday with some help from keir i got it up and running
with the sources from sunday, but can't get it up and running after
using the sources from today (doing make uninstall an so on). restored
some backups etc. but it's not working at the moment.

after shuting down this domains vm-tempo doesn't find a root fs ...
arghl .. all domains are equal except the logical volumes and networking

>  If I go back to a single nic setup using a secondary ip on the dom0 for
> the domU gateway things are playing nice.

thanks for the tip, it's worth a try. maybe i'll try the e100 instead of
the e1000.

>  With two and three nics and bridge between dom0's I just increased the
> rate at which of my hair follicle count declines :-)

hrhr ... until xen-unstable i also had much and long hairs :))


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