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Re: [Xen-devel] peth1: received packet with own address as source address

Arnd Schmitter wrote:

David F Barrera wrote:

On Mon, 2005-10-17 at 20:50 +0200, Arnd Schmitter wrote:
David F Barrera wrote:
peth1: received packet with  own address as source address

Is this something that I should care about? I don't see an obvious
impact to the machine.

This means normaly two things: Packets you send out are returning or there is another PC with the same address. The Linuxkernel drops this packets as he think its a knd of address spoofing. If all networking is working fine you will only have a minimal impact on performance. But it could indicate that something with your network configuration is wrong

Arnd, thanks for your response. My network configuration appears to be
OK; it is simple, one NIC and its IP address, and everything seems to be
working well. Also, there are no two machines with the same address. So,
I am wondering if this is a problem with Xen. I have opened up a
bugzilla report, as I would like to have a definitive answer as to
whether this is a bug or a network configuration issue.


Only one NIC and peth1 ??

Take a look at your ifconfig output. Maybe there are two Virtual-Interfaces witch the same MAC.

Unless the network-bridge script has changed the generated mac for eth0 (which gets renamed to peth0), all systems probably have the same mac for peth0 & xen-br0: fe:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff. I have tried using unique macs (for just peth0, vif0.0, and xen-br0, other vifs still have fe:ff...), and these messages disappear. So, why would the mac for a veth0 or xen-br0 get sent to another system? Not sure, since they should not have an ip address, and should not respond to an arp request. I do notice that peth0 has 'noarp' but xen-br0 does not. Perhaps adding noarp to xen-br0 will fix this.


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