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Re: [Xen-devel] App virtualisation, not OS virtualisation

I would like to run multiple copies of an application on a PC with
multiple remote dumb clients.

Sounds like something better handled with LTSA, VNC or NX.
VNC just provides remote access to the main keyboard / mouse queue and the transmission of the display.

I already have a solution for remote access but my problems are:

- I want to have several copies of an application running, each with a remote user. How do I pass the keyboard / mouse data to the right application if there is only one Windows message queue?

- on start up an application normally checks to see if a copy of itself is already running and if it is, it stops loading itself.

If the NX you are referring to is Linux terminal server then that's no use because:

- it doesn't solve the two problems I mentioned above

- it is a Linux product and as I previously said, I need a solution with Windows XP.

I don't know LTSA can you give me a URL?

With unix you can native run several copies of the same application at
the same time. With X11 you can even do so from multiple locations.
Fine, but as I said, I need a solution for Windows XP.

Xen however is very useful for running the domain that might serve
such applications.
Well that was my original question. As I understand it, Xen has been designed to act as an encapsulation of the OS so that several copies / versions of OS can be run. But it seems a waste of memory (and licence fee?) if I need a complete copy of Windows XP for each copy of the application I want to run. I was wondering whether Xen, or a part of Xen could run on top of Windows XP to encapsulate just the application instead, so that I could run multiple copies of the application but just one copy of the OS.


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