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Re: [Xen-devel] Is the repository broken?

Nakajima, Jun wrote:
David F Barrera wrote:

I saw the same thing. I just assumed that there had not been any
checkins since yesterday.

This is basically what I memntioned in the previous email:

Nakajima, Jun wrote:

I heard "the mini-regression test now in place between a staging tree
and the public tree currently fails on some 64bit SMP cases and
therefore all patches submitted after are still queued up in the
staging tree."

I'm wondering how we can resolve that kind of situation effectively:
- Can we get the results from mini-regression tests?
- Can we access the staging tree to tell if the patch sent out has
been accepted or not? We need to reproduce the tree and problem to
fix the bug.


Is that what's going on? How can we help?

Is there a fifo operation in place? Can we perhaps remove
patches which fail and debug/process offline, perhaps post
to list and get testing, etc? Continue with regression
testing remaining queue?


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