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[Xen-devel] problems with tools/pygrub/setup.py and xen/xm/main.py

When making the "unstable" version I got an in "tools". There was a complaint 
about "cc.has_function" in the following code area in tools/pygrub/setup.py

    if cc.has_function("ext2fs_open"):
       ext2defines.append( ("HAVE_EXT2FS_OPEN2", None) )
    else :
       sys.stderr.write ("Warning: older veriosn of e2fsprogs installed ...")
       sys.stderr.write (" .... " )
    ext2 = ...

As workaround I simply deleted the entire if - else construct. Make worked 
then, but I suppose this is not a really satisfactory solution.
My python version is 2.2

in xen/xm/main.py I got a problem with the line :

warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', category=FutureWarning );

python complained about FutureWarning being an undefined name.

Commenting this out resulted in code that seems to work properly.

Peter Bier 

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