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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] getting mini-os to compile again

On 25 Oct 2005, at 10:39, Simon Kagstrom wrote:

I've created a patch to get the mini-os to compile in Xen-unstable. The patch is pretty big, but this is mostly because I've replaced hypervisor.h with the
hypercalls.h header file from Linux (which seems easier to maintain
anyway). I've ignored X86_64.


I also had to disable some code in mini-os/xenbus/xenbus_xs.c since
XS_WATCH_ACK is no longer available, I'm not sure what the proper fix would

I haven;t looked, but I think xenbus_xs.c is pretty OS-agnostic and the one in minios is probably straight out of linux-2.6-xen-sparse? So a starting point woul dbe to take a fresh snap from the linux sparse tree and make it build.

 -- Keir

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