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[Xen-devel] Re: [Fwd: [Xen-changelog] Fix Jerone Young's xenstat / xenstore patch:]

> > Non-live documentation tends to get broken very quickly, so anything that
> > can be semi-automatically rebuilt is a definite plus.
> Except formatting kind of blows in those cases.  Even hg uses off line text
> to generate it's man pages.

Actually, I think Matt wants to move to autogenerating the manpages for hg.  
It doesn't have to cause formatting issues either - it's not that difficult 
to just parse blocks of help text if they're sensibly structured.  Or you 
could go the "direct" route of writing the "generator" script in Python and 
accessing the strings directly (*evil grin*).

> The other nice thing is you can more easily get people working on doc bugs
> without submitting patches that touch code.

Equally well, many of the doc bugs *come* from patches that touch code, 
causing the docs to become wrong ;-)

Anyhow if the docs get well maintained by someone it doesn't really matter how 
it happens.


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