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Re: [Xen-devel] Hotplug scripts not working... xen/ia64 domU stopped working

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 04:39:03PM -0800, Magenheimer, Dan (HP Labs Fort 
Collins) wrote:

> > > By "put logging into" do you mean adding a '-x' at the end
> > > of the first (bin/sh) line?  If so, where is the logging going?
> > > (not to the console nor to /var/log/xend.log...)  Sorry...
> > > it's been awhile since I've done script debugging and it's
> > > definitely a lot different than hypervisor debugging :-}
> > 
> > Doing that writes to stderr, which unfortunately is going 
> > straight down
> > /dev/null, because this is being run by the kernel's hotplug 
> > infrastruture.
> > 
> > You can either use echo "Message" >~/my-log to write to a log 
> > file of your own,
> > or log err "Message" to write to syslog (once you have included
> > xen-hotplug-common.h).
> Any suggestions as to where in the file would be illuminating?

Just keep shuffling them forward until they stop working ;-)  I really have no
idea -- I'd just binary chop until I found out where the problem was. 

> And where is "syslog"? (not in /var/log... it's a RHEL3 system)

/var/log/messages is normal for Redhat, I think.  This is usually configurable
with /etc/syslog.conf or /etc/syslog-ng.conf, but hardly anyone changes from the

> I can confirm now that cset 8048 works and 8049 does not.
> Using 'w!' does not make any difference.  I don't see any
> changes in the changeset that look particularly interesting
> from an ia64 perspective.  Do you see anything new that might
> reach into the hypervisor that didn't before?  Or perhaps
> something new with evtchn (which has some differences on ia64)?

Are you using really long file names for these loopback-mounted disks?  Someone
reported a failure with filenames greater than 64 chars today.  There's
nothing IA64-specific that I'm aware of.


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