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Re: [Xen-devel] Help? Red Hat fails, Suse/Debian both work fine

Hi, Tristan

Thank you. I'll try to reinstall soon.
If reinstall is a root cause, it is mean some tools are not overwrite 
when we run "make install-tools".

Best Regards,

Akio Takebe

>Le Mercredi 01 Mars 2006 02:30, Xu, Anthony a ィヲcrit :
>> >It is likely some subtle difference (or bug), perhaps in mmap?
>Hi all,
>yesterday I got the same bug as Akio.  Today it is working again.  I have 
>reinstalled tools+xen+kernel.
>Akio, could you try to reinstall xen+tools+kernel using a clean repository ?
>(make clean may be not enough).
>It seems *really* strange that only a few of us got the bug because it seems 
>to be related only to Xen+Xenstore+Linux.  Therefore it should not depend on 
>the distribution.

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