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Re: [Xen-devel] Detecting deadlocks with hypervisor..

Thileepan Subramaniam wrote:

Can someone help me by explaining me what happens behind the scene when "xm save" is called ? Is there any good documentation explaining which actions are done by which layers (eg: python layer, C layer etc).

This would be immensely valuable. I imagine there's a college student looking for some way to make their mark in the open source community.

Also, does it seem viable to clone a copy of a deadlocked guest OS in the first place?

The idea of using clones as a way of detecting deadlocks is intriguing.

I am trying to see if the hypervisor can be used to detect deadlocks in the guest VMs. My goal is to detect if a guest OS is deadlocked, and if it is, then create a clone of the deadlocked OS without the locking condition, and letting the clone run. While the clone runs I am hoping to generate some hints that could tell me what caused the deadlock.

But, I suspect that some logic injected into the lock routines (and data structures) of the host O/S are an easier and possibly better bet.

-- Randy Thelen

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