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Re: [Xen-devel] Detecting deadlocks with hypervisor..

On Sat, Mar 18, 2006 at 06:14:09PM -0800, Thileepan Subramaniam wrote:
> I tried to follow the flow of the .py files (XendCheckpoint.py etc.). These 
> seem to be called when I run 'xm save'. But beyond a point I am not sure what 
> the python scripts do. I also see some libxc files such as xc_linux_save.c, 
> but I am not sure who is using it (Dom-0 or Xen or the XenU). Can someone 
> help 
> me by explaining me what happens behind the scene when "xm save" is called ? 
> Is there any good documentation explaining which actions are done by which 
> layers (eg: python layer, C layer etc).
python layer only save some domain info, i think.
then the app xc_save will be called, that in turn call xc_linux_save.  
xc_linux_save save all the memory and vcpu context of the guest.


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