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[Xen-devel] Re: [RFC, PATCH 5/24] i386 Vmi code patching

On 23 Mar 2006, at 00:40, Chris Wright wrote:

Would you have less trouble if the "ROM" were actually more like a
module?  Specifically, if it had a proper elf header and symbol table,
used symbols as entry points, and was a GPL interface (so that ROM's had to be GPL)? Then it's just a kernel module that's hidden in the option
ROM space and has a C interface.

Yeah, point is the interface is normal C API, and has the similar free
form that normal kernel API's have.

i think this sounds very sane, and an OS-specific interface shim gets around problems such as finding CPU-specific state -- we can get at smp_processor_id() just the same as the rest of the kernel, for example. We could extend the concept of the interface shim we already have -- a set of OS-specific high performance shims, plus a fallback OS-agnostic shim.

 -- Keir

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