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RE: [Xen-devel] Status of auto_translated_mode

>From: Ian Pratt [mailto:m+Ian.Pratt@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent: 2006年3月28日 20:33
>> 1. First a background question, what's the major usage model
>> for auto_translated_mode?
>Currently, the main usage model is to support guests that haven't got
>fully paravirtualied mm systems. It's also useful for a number of
>research projects, such as vm fork, determinsitic replay etc.

Thanks for clarification. Seems XENFEAT_supervisor_mode_kernel also 
serves for similar research purpose, right? :-)

>> 2. Is auto_translated_mode only used for domU? Seems this
>> model can't apply to modified DMA interface since mfn is
>> required to manipulate physical devices.
>It's currently only used for domU's, and needs to be extended to support
>lookup of mfn's for DMA addresses, and to enable the backend drives to

OK, then that's the areas xen/ia64 needs to solve since we want dom0 to 
run on top of this model.

>> 3. Does anyone exercise this mode recently? Is this logic
>> working or broken?
>Definitely working.


>>      We'd like to know which areas need to be enhanced if
>> this translated mode can be applied to dom0. That would save
>> people much time since virtual drivers together with grant
>> table have been tuned to accommodate this mode. Then this
>> translated mode may be made more generic. :-)
>The first thing I would do is get physcial device access working from
>for a auto_translate guest.



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