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Re: [Xen-devel] bug # 477

On 29 Mar 2006, at 23:39, Florian Kirstein wrote:

My idea now was that it could be possible, that the select returns before
the domU really made the data available or something, and then by
running in an select-loop xenconsoled even slows down the machine more
so it takes even longer for the data to become available. Just wild
guesses, I haven't looked into the details of the console code :)

I bet this behaviour is due to two problems.
1. The daemon is probably looking for console data before it clears the event fd. So if no data available then the fd doesn't get cleared and the select() doesn't block next time round. 2. I think we still have a stupid scheduler default for domain0 where it gets all the CPU it wants and can starve out domUs. So once xenconsoled starts spinning, that's it for you if the domain it's spinning on is supposed to run on the same CPU.

I'll look at fixing both of these.

 -- Keir

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