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Re: [Xen-devel] [RFC] Auto rebind PCI devices

> > * If the device specificed in the config is bound *and* pci-force-rebind
> > is set, then unbind it from the existing driver and rebind it to pciback,
> > then start the domain.
> That sounds awkward. What's the use case you see in mind from stealing
> devices from a domain while it's running?

To clarify my thinking on this a little more: I think it would be good to be 
able to move PCI devices between domains in a reasonably straightforward way.  
This would be something like the PCI hotplug for IBM's dynamic LPAR, which is 
already supported by Linux.

The eventual goal being that you can reassign PCI devices "hotplug-style" (it 
would look like a hotplug to the pcifront kernel) at runtime, with the user 
interface providing appropriate safety checks / "do you really want this?" 
dialogs, according to the level of confidence of the user.


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