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[Xen-devel] A few outstanding xenstore/hotplug issues...


I am still noticing a few issues related to xenstore and hotplug.

1) xenstored will periodically die. I do have xenstore tracing enabled, but not much is shown. A transaction is running one second and then nothing (no "FATAL ERROR" or anything). This does not happen very frequently, but does happen now and then. As is known, once xenstored dies the only way to get it running again is with a reboot. A bad effect lies in the fact that domains can't be shutdown properly without xenstored running!

2) I get the old "Cannot connect VBD" on boot-up while running xendomains start, I'd assume due to xenstore getting bogged down. It's completely random as to which domains it will do it to. I've worked around this by having xendomains run from init.d and then also re-run it from rc.local to start all the domains that didn't start the first time. Even doing this causes some domains to not start properly sometimes (it seems based on how many failed to start the first time).

I remember reading that xenstore is getting an overhaul in the near future and want to know if these are "known issues" and if I should bother submitting bug reports or if I should just sit tight and watch the lists.

Thank you,
Matt Ayres

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