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Re: [Xen-devel] A few outstanding xenstore/hotplug issues...

Ewan Mellor wrote:

I remember reading that xenstore is getting an overhaul in the near future and want to know if these are "known issues" and if I should bother submitting bug reports or if I should just sit tight and watch the lists.

No, there's no major effort being put into xenstore at the moment.
We're certainly interested in fixing the bugs there, but your ones have
been very hard to track down!  If you can get a core dump, then I'll
certainly have a look for you, but without that, your crash bug is so
intermittent that it's been impossible to find.

The xendomains one ought to be easier to work on, so I'll get someone to
have a look at that for you.

I was confused then. I went back and realized I mis-read something in the thread regarding the new credit scheduler.

As far as the bugs, I'll go ahead and submit bugzilla id's for both for now. The xendomains should be very easy to reproduce, simply create many domains (50+) and keep running xendomains start/stop and I'm confident you'll see it :) I'd bet making the domain start usleep in /etc/sysconfig/xendomains would fix it for me as it appears it's just xenstore or hotplug getting backed up. The reason I won't is because I don't want my servers to take twice as long to boot when the bug should be fixed so no band-aid is needed.


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