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Re: [Xen-devel] ata_piix SATA driver - Invalid opcode?!

On 9 Jun 2006, at 03:22, Adam Nielsen wrote:

Does anyone know of any issues with the ata_piix (Intel ICH5/6) driver
and SATA disks?  Has anyone got this configuration going?

I just tried switching the BIOS on this PC to SATA 'combination' mode,
which I've used in the past to access the disks using the normal PIIX
IDE driver.  Unfortunately that results in a bad crash - it looks like
Xen just isn't going to work on this PC :-(

Looks like a bug in some of the new irq logic I added a short while back to work around issues with some machines. Can you reproduce this every time you boot? I may bug you to gather more info if so. This is definitely fixable.

 -- Keir

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