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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH] remove fs/Kconfig from sparse tree in favor of a 1 line patch

* Sean Dague (japh@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
[snipped examples of the one-line diffs]

Hey, it's getting better, there's been files in there with no diffs ;-)

> I'd really argue that while the sparse tree is needed for some of the
> extensive code changes, using it to turn off single features in Kconfig in
> directories where no code is changed, is verging on abuse. ;)

It is a good example of the sparse tree not being very compact
representation of those diffs.  But it's valid in the sense that files
that need Xen specific changes are patched and tracked as source in the
sparse tree rather than diffs.  The latter gets to be a pain when you
want to make changes, interdiff isn't that nice.  And if you want to
track all this stuff in another tree (distro tree, for example) having
bits in sparse and bits in patches/ is just more of a headache.

> This is specifically causing me pain trying to apply add squashfs support,
> which otherwise would have been dropping 1 patch in place, and tweaking my
> build config.  In the current infrastructure it requires a patch + sparse
> tree changes, which is really unfortunate, and I think completely
> unnessesary, given the very small changes that Xen needs in fs/Kconfig.

The part I'm missing is why you can't patch squashfs to the prepped tree.
Patch should apply fine (albeit a bit of offset in the fs/Kconfig).
I typically keep a stash of patches on top of the unpacked patches/ +
sparse, seems to work well (except for the minor annoyance that patches/
is the default patch dir for quilt).


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