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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] remove fs/Kconfig from sparse tree in favor of a 1 line patch

* Sean Dague (japh@xxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> This patch removes fs/Kconfig, which is currently only different from the
> linux- version by 1 line.  It adds that change back in as a patch
> in the patches directory.

I don't think this is a great candidate for patches/.  Good things there
are bits that are ready to go upstream or fixes to base Linux that are
transient by version (backport of a fix that's in the -rc for the next
kernel or somesuch).

> This makes it possible to use additional filesystems in xen by just adding
> them to the patches directory.  Without this patch you must also change the
> sparse tree as all filesystem options get clobbered by the Kconfig from the
> sparse tree.

Heh, tht just depends on when you add the filesystem ;-)

> It also just reduces the size of the sparse tree, which I think is just a
> Good Thing (tm). :)

In general, I completely agree, just not so much on this particular


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