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[Xen-devel] [PATCH][XM-TEST] Fix bugzilla # 674 by changing the xm-test Console.py to wait for the command prompt.

Lots of xm-test tests are failing with console timeouts on some machines
at the moment.  I reproduced the problem and found it was due to some
probing activity in the boot process of the -xen kernel.  The behaviour
of the current xm-test code is to assume that the boot process has
finished after performing three one-second waits for input---when the
probing activity introduces more than three one-second delays the test
suite breaks.

The patch below changes the test suite to wait for the command prompt
before attempting to submit a command.  The timeout is increased from 3
seconds to 3 minutes but the wait exits early when the prompt is found
so the test suite doesn't take any longer to run.

DO NOT APPLY.  This patch is FOR REVIEW ONLY at this stage since my
python skills are pretty lame and it really needs to get some testing
from people who have actually been experiencing problems.  For me,
xm-test works the same on my machine with and without this patch.

Signed-off-by Harry Butterworth <butterwo@xxxxxxxxxx>

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