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RE: [Xen-devel] FW: Is it a correct place for VBD information?

Thanks for comment, Mike.

>> I think that it is good to handle such information at one partial tree for 
>> management.
>> My idea is to take a kind of following structure for store such information.
>>    sys -- class -- xen --+-- domain0 --- balloon ( symlink to 
>> /sys/class/mem/balloon ?)
>>                                  |
>>                                 +-- domain1 --+-- vbd --+-- 
>> vbd-x-xxxx(symlink?) 
>>                                                      |            |
>>                                                      |            +-- total 
>> information file.
>>                                                      |
>>                                                     +-- vif --  
>> vif-x-xxxx(symlink)

>What about /sys/hypervisor/xen/domain/1/vbd

In Xen, devices is not handled with hypervisor but is handled with Domain0 (or 
the privileged domain).
So, Shouldn't these information locate under /sys/hypervisor ?

What does /sys/hypervisor mean?
For example, I feel /sys/firmware means structure in namespace.
If /sys/hypervisor is similar to these information,
these information shouldn't locate under /sys/hypervisor.
If /sys/hypervisor create as new tree which is to handle total information for 
virtual system,
It may be good that these information locate under /sys/hypervisor.

/sys/class means description of a type of device (see 
and each device class defines a set of semantics and programming interface.
Xen is not device, so it may be bad that  these information locate under 

/sys/devices means filesystem representation of the device tree.
So, I feel that these statistical information shouldn't locate under 

I can not find reasonable answer.
Please help.

How about making a new tree -- /sys/xen ?

>/sys/hypervisor is going into upstream linux, and that leaves 
>/sys/hypervisor/xen/ as our namespace for info.

But I hesitate by above reason for /sys/hypervisor/xen.

Satoshi UCHIDA

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