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Re: [Xen-devel] Accessing Xen on remote machine

On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 09:19:01PM -0700, jd sw wrote:

> Thanks much. I really appreciate the prompt reply. I tried the tcp-xml rpc
> and it worked. (I will look in to Unix based scheme next)
> Now, with the modification I can get stats, stop, kill remote vm.  I have
> couple of related questions..
> a. How do I start a VM on a remote machine, given a (remote or local) conf
> file . (currently for local machine I use xen.xm.create.main(filename) )

I think that if you are using the SSH transport, you can use that same call,
with the config file on the client side.  (I hope so, anyway ;-)

> b. Is it possible to get console of a remote domu ? currently I am
> spawning, xm console with domid which works locally but not for remote
> doms.

Not at the moment: you would have to arrange transport of that console data
yourself, I think.  This would be an interesting improvement to Xend.

> c. Is it possible to save snapshot of a remote dom on a local machine
> directly? (This is similar to migrating to local machine and saving
> snapshot.)

Not at the moment, ditto.


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