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[Xen-devel] Re: [PATCH][XEND] Fix HVM Domain Creation When No Vifs Configured

On 13/7/06 10:46, "Daniel Stekloff" <dsteklof@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-07-13 at 22:32 +0100, Christian Limpach wrote:
>> Dan,
>>> Currently - with the new qemu code, HVM domain creation will fail if a
>>> vif isn't configured. Xm-test will not pass sanity tests to run. The new
>>> qemu expects "-net none", otherwise it defaults to "-net nic -net
>>> user". 
>>> This patch simply adds "-net none" to the qemu-dm cmdline if no vifs are
>>> configured. 
>>> Please apply this patch or something similar, xm-test is broken for HVM
>>> testing without it.
>> I've been meaning to look into this.  I think I'd like to take a slightly
>> different approach:  change the default in qemu to be -net none.
>> I'll get to it eventually, but if you want to look into providing a patch,
>> that would be great!
> I thought about that... but shouldn't we keep the number of changes to
> qemu to a minimum? Why support more and more specific xen changes to
> qemu than necessary?

Sure, but this is a very simple and not very intrusive change.
I think it's preferable to fix things at the source, in this case it's
clearly qemu having an unreasonable default for our usage model.


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