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[Xen-devel] Re: Xen bootloader

> > Which is a pretty serious restriction. I'm still not clear on why this
> > is a preferable approach to modifying grub?
> let's not forget Plan 9, eh? Would this approach support plan 9?
> My guess is 'uh, I dunno'.

Any approaches support plan9 apart from the plan9 bootloader / chainloading?  
If not, I guess there's an argument for porting the plan9 loader also (or 
porting FS drivers to Linux, which would be useful anyhow!)

The kboot approach could access 9p filesystems, if that helps.  Maybe you 
could make a FAT partition on the virtual disk and stash the kernel there?  I 
presume Plan9 supports FAT as a lingua franca?


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