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[Xen-devel] Mercurial 0.9.1 released!

Available at:


More information at:


Major changes between Mercurial 0.9 and 0.9.1:

 New features:
 - You can now configure your 'hgweb' server to let remote users
   'push' changes over http.
 - You can now 'import' a patch in a mail message by saving the mail
   message, and importing it.  This works for patches sent either
   inline or as attachments.
 - The 'diff' command now accepts '-rA:B' syntax as a synonym for
   '-r A -r B', and adds '-b' and '-B' options.

 New contributions and extensions:
 - The 'acl' extension lets you lock down parts of a repository
   against incoming changes
 - The 'extdiff' extension lets you run your favourite graphical
   change viewer
 - Comprehensive integration with the 'vim' editor
 - A restricted shell for 'ssh'-hosted repositories
 - An importer for 'darcs' repositories

 New hooks added:
 - 'preupdate' is run before an update or merge in the working
 - 'update' is run after an update or merge in the working

 Behaviour changes:
 - NOTE: Mercurial as installed by the Windows binary
   installer no longer performs automatic line-ending conversion for
   Unix/Linux compatibility.  To re-enable this feature, edit your
   'mercurial.ini' file after you upgrade.
 - The Windows binary installer now automatically adds 'hg' to your
 - The 'backout' command now runs an editor by default, to let you
   modify the commit message for a backed-out changeset.
 - An earlier problem with parsing of tags has been fixed.
   This makes tag parsing slower but more reliable.

 Memory usage and performance improvements:
 - The 'remove' command has been rewritten to be hundreds of times
   faster in large repositories.
 - It is now possible to 'clone' a repository very quickly over a
   LAN, if the server is configured to allow it.  See the new 'server'
   section in the 'hgrc' documentation.

 Other changes of note:
 - Mercurial will now print help for an extension if you type 'hg
   help EXT_NAME'.
 - The usual array of bug fixes and documentation improvements.
 - The integrated web server is now more WSGI-compliant.
 - Work has begun to solidify Mercurial's API for use by third-party

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