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[Xen-devel] Network stops responding after some time

I need help in trying to understand why the ethernet driver has locked up and 
how I can go about outputting debug messages. I see in /proc/interrrupts that 
the interrupt count of eth0 just stops incrementing. I've tried different 
(3Com, Realtek 8169, Realtek 8139) based network cards and this happens with 
all. I'm not sure what is so unique about my system that might be causing this 
to lockup, its a regular Nforce3 based system with 512MB ram. This problem does 
not happen if I'm not using a Xen enabled kernel. This is entirely happening in 
dom0 and there aren't any user domains so its not a bridging issue. I've also 
disabled the Xen backend drivers (netbk.ko and netloop.ko) so its talking to 
the network chip directly. 

Any help? Please? 


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