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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Minor fix to xentop to stop it dying when domains go away at the wrong time

On 26 Jul 2006, at 21:36, Graham, Simon wrote:

OK - I've reworked the fix to put it in libxenstat -- still not
completely convinced I like it, but take a look and let me know what you
think - as you suggested, I've made the collectors return a value
indicating if a fatal error occurred (-ve), a retryable error occurred
(0) or they were successful (+ve) and put in code to retry from the top
when a retryable error occurs (with a small 1/4s delay so we don't spin
wildly whilst things stabilize).

Thinking about this some more, those retryable failures will generally mean that a domain is being created or being destroyed. In those two cases, perhaps xenstat_get_node() should simply prune the problematic domain from the list it returns? That would avoid unbounded delay in xenstat_get_node().

I think what you have so far is okay: fatal error in a collector causes error in the caller; recoverable error could cause domain to be pruned rather than retrying in the caller. Maybe we should have macros for the possible return values from a collector: -1/0/+1 return values are not immediately obvious.

 -- Keir

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