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[Xen-devel] Re: [Patch] Enable "sysrq c" handler for domU coredump

Hi, Horms

>That seems fine to me. Though there was some resistance to a
>patch I sent which adds a panic option to xen-console, which
>is the hypervisor equivalent of sysrq.
This patch focus only manually dumping domU's core.
How can I use the panic option of xen-console?
I thought your patch to panic xen.
Can I dump domU's core with the option?

>Also, is this option really Xen specific. It seems it
>might be just as useful in regular Linux.
This is a patch to dump domU's core,
so Linux is not useful becaus Linux can dump by calling crash_kexec().

Best Regards,

Akio Takebe

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