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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Add RCU support into Xen - Repost

On 30/1/07 22:46, "Santos, Jose Renato G" <joserenato.santos@xxxxxx> wrote:

>   That is a good idea, although I would prefer if we could find
> better names for the rcu functions. Get/put may give the wrong
> impression that a reference counter is being incremented/decremented
> which would not be the case. It could also give the wrong impression
> that the matching "put" could be invoked any time later which may
> leave us with an invalid domain pointer (if the pointer is kept
> beyond the current Xen invocation). What about
> "find_domain_rcu()"/"end_find_domain_rcu()" ?


 -- Keir

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