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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] pypxeboot bootloader

> > Incidentally, what do you do if the guest vif is not going to be on
> > same bridge that dom0 eth0 is on? In practice this likely matters
> > for the dhcp request than the tftp transfer.
> Could you explain what the problem would be? Do you mean that the DHCP
> server might not be set up to serve requests from the dom0's subnet?
To be
> honest I hadn't thought that much about more complex setups -- as it
> there are embedded assumptions about the way pxelinux is set up.

I think we should at least try and send the dhcp request out on the
bridge that the guest's first VIF is going to attach to -- it might be
on an entirely different VLAN or even physical network from dom0.

Possibly it will work just to set the bridge as the interface that the
raw socket is bound to when sending the dhcp request. 


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