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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] pypxeboot bootloader

At 16:36 +0000 on 08 Feb (1170952573), Stephen Childs wrote:
> I've attached a fresh patch that addresses this and the other issues you 
> raised, Tim.

Thanks.  That looks much better -- I think we should use mkstemp for the
config files too, if possible.

Is udhcp still actively maintained?  I wonder if we can get the
mac-address patch in upstream; otherwise we might have to bring the 
client source into our tree.

The other option (and it may end up being necesary to address Ian's
point about physical NICs) would be to steal the guest's vif for the
dhcp'ing, since we know the guest won't be using it yet.  I haven't
looked in detail at the plumbing of that, though.



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