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Re: [Xen-devel] [rfc/patch] pv-on-hvm: make netfront grab PCI ressources.

> Then it doesn't work.  Can you do that in xen?  I had the impression
> you'll have to use the qemu default nic ...
> > Or is the rtl8139 in the above example just another word for "some
> > network card in QEMU"?
> No, it matches the 8139 pci id.  For other cards it needs simliar code
> (and qemu a patch to add the xensource subsystem id ...).

Is there a future proofing issue here?  Future versions of the device models 
may use a different emulated network device (e.g. there's recurrent 
discussion about whether we ought to emulate a device that will give us 
better potential for IO batching).

Guests that are deployed now may still be running on future versions of Xen 
with updated device models.


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