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RE: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] Use lib/swiotlb code for x86_64 SWIOTLB

>>> "Langsdorf, Mark" <mark.langsdorf@xxxxxxx> 22.02.07 01:09 >>>
>> I can't see how this can work: First, the way the change is 
>> done i386 will also use that file (and then
>> arch/i386/kernel/swiotlb.c should also be deleted by
>> the patch).
>That wasn't intentional.  i386 can still use the 
>arch/i386 code.

I still don't understand this - both x86 architectures should be able to
use the same file.

>> Second, there's nothing Xen specific anymore in that file, not
>> even the contiguous region creation (the sole difference to 
>> plain 2.6.20 is the use of virt_to_bus/bus_to_virt). I think
>> the first patch should be really just a move of
>> arch/i386/kernel/swiotlb.c to lib/swiotlb-xen.c, nothing else.
>This should be an improved version of lib/swiotlb.c as 
>lib/swiotlb-xen.c, with correct code to make the mappings

I still don't understand why this differs more than necessary from
arch/i386/swiotlb.c, and I continue to find it more desirable to move
arch/i386/swiotlb.c to lib/swiotlb-xen.c first (without any changes)
and then have a patch that changes what you really think needs to
be changed for your purpose.
I'm specifically asking this because I posted changes to lib/swiotlb.c
to lkml so that (if all of them get pushed into the kernel.org tree)
Xen wouldn't even need its own version anymore, but would just
need a header providing certain hooks.



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