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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH]: Allow Xen to boot/run on large memory (>64G) machines

On 22/2/07 10:33, "Jan Beulich" <jbeulich@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The page allocator changes that I posted a while back probably haven't
> been looked at so fat, given the above comments. The patch that kills the
> DMA pool changes x86-64 to allocate the dom0 memory without restriction
> (i386 has to remain restricted, yet not because of DMA address issues, but
> in order to be able to see the memory in the 1:1 mapping).

Oh, good point. :-) And it sounds like it makes sense to leave this alone
for now and leave it to your patches.

> Likewise, I'm not certain the changes presented here make a lot of sense
> in the context of the elimination of the DMA pool and the resulting desire
> to unify xen heap and domain heap on x86-64.

It makes sense for the boot allocator to prefer to allocate from high memory
if it can, rather then using what is currently the DMA pool (and, after your
patches are applied, will be from relatively-narrow-address-width pools). So
I think this patch is good and narrow enough in scope to go straight in
(although I think the behaviour of alloc_boot_pages() should be changed
rather than adding a new allocator function).

 -- Keir

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