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Re: [Xen-devel] Call for Proposals : XenSummit #4, Yorktown NY

> How about requiring people to submit real papers on their chosen subject,
> rather than just presentation slides ? The PDFs from papers presented
> at OLS are orders of magnitude more useful than slides we've typically
> accumulated from previous Xen summits. In particular for all those Xen
> community members who can't actually go along to the summit itself, the
> slides have very little content to learn from.

I agree, this would be much more useful as a record of what happened, *and* as 
additional documentation for the community.

As a project, we often don't do a good job of documenting exactly what we're 
up to or the concepts guiding various design choice.  Building up a corpus of 
proceedings documents seems like a worthwhile improvement if we're already 
going to the trouble of having the summit!

> I realize the time constraints until this current summit don't allow much
> scope for long/formal writeups, but even just a few of pages of descriptive
> text or technical details on the subject could be very beneficial as a
> long term record of stuff covered at the summit.

Yes.  For this summit, at least, the writeups wouldn't have to be polished, or 
contain complicated studies.  Just a summary of what the talk is about, what 
people are working on and why, plus copy and paste + discussion of any 
graphs / diagrams that appear in the accompanying presentation.

Another option I'd like to suggest is maybe making an audio / video record of 
the talks available.  Wouldn't have to be good quality but again would give 
more information than just the slides, plus might be able to record any 
questions at the end.


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