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Re: [Xen-devel] Call for Proposals : XenSummit #4, Yorktown NY

On Tue, Feb 20, 2007 at 10:59:24PM -0000, Ian Pratt wrote:
> Call for Presentation Proposals
> -------------------------------
> The Xen Summit, Spring '07 at IBM Watson Research, Yorktown will
> include two full days of technical discussion and working meetings.
> There will be opening and closing plenary sessions, and up to two
> tracks of parallel sessions during the remainder of the meeting.  We
> invite you to submit proposals for presentations and/or tutorials on
> any of the topics below, or indeed any other topic of importance to
> the Xen development community.  Note that this meeting is for
> developers only, and is expected to address detailed technical issues.
> Areas of interest include:
>  Xen Project roadmap
>  Xen Security roadmap
>  Core hypervisor roadmap
>  x86/ia64/ppc and other ports
>  Integrating smart I/O hardware
>  Benchmarking and performance optimization
>  Testing
>  Xen Control Stack roadmap
>  Linux Paravirt_ops and upstreaming
>  Solaris, *BSD and other OSes
>  Improving emulated device support
>  SCSI, Framebuffer and other driver support
>  Research projects using Xen
> Please send a paragraph proposing your topic and desired presentation
> length (plan for 1/2 hour sessions) detailing the specific technical
> area and contribution you will make.  
> As with previous summits, all the talks presented will be collected to
> appear as PDFs on the summit web site.

How about requiring people to submit real papers on their chosen subject,
rather than just presentation slides ? The PDFs from papers presented
at OLS are orders of magnitude more useful than slides we've typically
accumulated from previous Xen summits. In particular for all those Xen
community members who can't actually go along to the summit itself, the
slides have very little content to learn from.

I realize the time constraints until this current summit don't allow much 
scope for long/formal writeups, but even just a few of pages of descriptive
text or technical details on the subject could be very beneficial as a
long term record of stuff covered at the summit.

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