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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Improving hvm IO performance by using self IO emulator (YA io-emu?)

Alan wrote:
SATA can, yes.  However, as you mention, SATA is very poorly supported.

By what - it works very nicely in current Linux kernels,

But it isn't supported by older kernels and most versions of Windows. A major use of virtualization is running older operating systems so depending on newer kernels is not really an option (if we have a new kernel, we'd prefer to use a paravirtual driver anyway).

 including AHCI
with NCQ and multiple outstanding commands. The fact Xen isn't merged
and is living in prehistory is I'm afraid a Xen problem.

This discussion is independent of Xen. It's equally applicable to KVM and QEMU so please don't assume this has anything to do with Xen's merge status.


Anthony Liguori

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