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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: Improving hvm IO performance by using self IO emulator (YA io-emu?)

> But it isn't supported by older kernels and most versions of Windows.  A 

Linux 2.4.x AHCI drivers exist. Windows 95/98 are lacking them as is NT
that much is true, but Win2K and later support AHCI. AHCI is also very
nice from a virtualisation point of view as you get commands in queues
and you can batch them up sensibly.

For older windows there is the ADMA interface which is saner to emulate
than SFF but not very sane.

> This discussion is independent of Xen.  It's equally applicable to KVM 
> and QEMU so please don't assume this has anything to do with Xen's merge 
> status.

Don't even get me started on qemu. The qemu "emulation" of ATAPI is a good
reason to use anything else as an interface.


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