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Re: [Xen-devel] Live migration fails under heavy network use

On Thu, Feb 22, 2007 at 10:34:30PM -0000, Ian Pratt wrote:

> > Not quite sure why the new domain is trying to map 00000000 though.
> The messages from the save side are expected. Is the message from the
> restored domain triggered by the restore code i.e. before the domain is
> un-paused?

I suspect so but haven't proved that.

> I expect if you change the 'pfn=0' in canonicalize_pagetable:539 to
> 'deadb000' you'll see that propagated through to the restore message. In
> which case, its ugly, but benign. 

Wouldn't that pfn of 0 be an MFN other than 0 though? I do not see any change
when setting pfn as above.  Any further ideas? I can try adding some back
traces. I suppose you're not seeing it with a Linux dom0?

> > I also see a fair amount of:
> > 
> > Dom48 freeing in-use page 2991 (pseudophys 100a4): count=2
> type=e8000000
> That's fine. Debug builds are a bit chatty for live migration...

Both of these:

(XEN) mm.c:590:d0 Error getting mfn a005e (pfn 4c35) from L1 entry 
00000000a005e705 for dom2
(XEN) mm.c:566:d0 Non-privileged (3) attempt to map I/O space 00000000

are also present in a non-debug build. Would you take a patch to make both of
them be XENLOG_INFO? It's not good that we get console noise for normal 
(presuming the I/O space one /is/ normal operation!).


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