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RE: [Xen-devel] Error in XendCheckpoint: failed to flush file

> I'm not sure the two are related. Fsync, lseek(), fadvise() will all
> fail if
> the fd maps to a socket. The failure is harmless and the error return
> code
> is ignored. The error to xend.log is overly noisy and needs cleaning

Argh! Can't believe I missed these errors in my testing of the change! I
agree with Keir that they are harmless but noisy - patch to quieten
things down will follow shortly... 

Note that I thought about plumbing the live flag through to
xc_linux_restore as is done with xc_linux_save but decided I didn't want
to change the API... therefore I changed xc_linux_restore to figure out
if the fd is a socket or not... hopefully this works on Solaris??? (just
testing now).


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