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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] add domain creation/shutdown script execution support.

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 03:39:38PM +0000, Mark Williamson wrote:

> Yes, the separate shutdown + create events might be useful for some 
> circumstances but it would also be good be good to distinguish the case of a 
> true reboot.  Maybe it could be a flag to the shutdown / create events since 
> it seems possible that some of the work will be the same.

  Yes that would be ideal.

> Cool.  None of this discussion precludes the usefulness of the patches you've 
> proposed, I'm just wondering if a slightly more generic version would be a 
> good idea.


> I've currently only thought about this at a high level - am not so familiar 
> with the post-Xenstore tools.

  I'm not familiar with xenstore at all yet.

> I'd say it'll be more complex in the implementation than your current patch, 
> but it might scale better with different kind of event configurations: 
> associating scripts directly with Xenstore changes gives us the ability to 
> monitor all kinds of stuff, almost "for free".

  That seems reasonable.  The only downside is that I think I'd
 be unable to implement it.  I will try to find some time over the
 next day or two to see how this stuff works and how easy it is
 to "watch" with a daemon.

> Possibly we'd need a bit of "syntactic sugar" to make specifying the Xenstore 
> watches more palatable for people who don't like to know about the internals 
> of the management plane ;-)  If necessary, some kind of "shorthand" for 
> specifying common events might work well.


> As far as I know, stuff like paused / unpaused status is not available in 
> Xenstore.  The obvious solution would be to create a Xenstore node allowing 
> Xend to announce when it has paused / unpaused domains to Xenstore watchers 
> who might be interested.  This could easily generalise to other tools-level 
> events as well.

  Right.  I guess that could be added later, once the xenstore watching
 side was working for the events which were available immediately.

> Another feature which I had in mind when thinking about this was that of 
> domain users requesting they have a previous backup of the filesystem 
> restored.  By simply writing to a Xenstore node from within their domain, 
> they could request that the management plane restore a backup of their 
> filesystem from a particular date and then reboot them with it.  That would 
> be super cool ;-)

  That would.  I didn't realise that the xenstore would be accessible
 from within the domU - but I guess that just emphasizes the fact that
 I'm hazy on how that stuff works.


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