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Re: [Xen-devel] how to make xenbus do .probe?

Yeah, the wiki page you refer to in a later message is incorrect, but I think that the major thing wrong with it is the xenstore-write commands. (At the moment I don't have time to check whether the skeleton driver code is correct, and I can't remember if I had to tweak it when I went through what you're going through.)

Here's 4 xenstore-write commands that should get a probe out of the device:

xenstore-write /local/domain/5/device/mydevice/0/state 1

xenstore-write /local/domain/0/backend/mydevice/5/0/frontend-id 5

xenstore-write /local/domain/0/backend/mydevice/5/0/frontend /local/domain/5/device/mydevice/0

xenstore-write /local/domain/0/backend/mydevice/5/0/state 1

Quick note: That will only work once per boot, because once the driver
is probed with frontend-id 5 the xenbus code seems to be smart enough to
not do it again.  If you need to make another probe happen during the
same boot, just increment the 5 all around.  I hope this helps.


Jian Wang <jeans.wang@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
   Can anyone please tell me how to get  ".probe" function in "struct
   xenbus_driver" called?
   I want to do one simple test of  event channel communication between
   peer modules of
   domU and dom0.
   I wrote one backend and one frontend driver (I tried registered as
   misc/blk/input device) where I put in all my xenbus routines, but
   cannot get .probe called after  insmod my module, I have put
   one week's time to try to find the answer,  failed.

   Thanks a lot!

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