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[Xen-devel][Xense-devel][PATCH][XSM][0/4] Xen Security Modules Introduction

The following four e-mails in this series contain a series of patches to
xen-unstable and provide the Xen Security Modules Framework (XSM) and
associated security modules.

These patches have been updated to account for discussions on the
mailing list about these same patches.  Updates include:

    - security module code managed under xsm/
    - removal of local event channel hooks
    - cleanup of xsm_policy.c
    - style cleanups of hook code

    - movement of flask module code under xsm/
    - movement of flask_op hypercall into separate file under flask/
    - public header created for flask_op

    - no changes

    - movement of acm code under xsm/ directory structure

The patches apply cleanly to xen-unstable changeset 14364:127bee61972b
in the following order:

    [1] xsm-031307-xen-14364.diff
    [2] flask-xsm-031307-xen-14364.diff
    [3] tools-xsm-031307-xen-14364.diff
    [4] acm-xsm-031307-xen-14364.diff

Signed-off-by: George Coker <gscoker@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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