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Re: [Xen-devel] Cs/ 14346 breaks 64bit hv

At 10:00 -0500 on 14 Mar (1173866413), Woller, Thomas wrote:
> No. didn't help, code is the same in generated rombios.s.  I put in a
> "call" instead and move the ASM boot code up, but same behavior/code
> generation.  Looks like there has to be some "C" code after the switch
> or the asm code doesn't get called.

Yes, it looks like the asm code is being attached to the previous line
of C code, which in the 14345 case is the "return" statement inside the
switch!  My 0.16.14 bcc does the right thing there.

Is there a sensible way of getting a version number out of your bcc/as86?



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